About us

Haney CPA, PLLC is a local firm that focuses on providing bookkeeping, tax, and consulting services to our clients.  We strive to provide a human touch in a world that has become digitalized.  Each client is different and every situation requires special attention, and that is what we strive to provide for all of our clients.  We understand that people follow their entreprenuer spirit and maintaining of books and records for taxes is not their passion and we want to be the missing link to assist you and your dreams of becoming a reality through assistance with bookkeeping, tax preparation, or consulting.  


Joe Haney is a CPA, working in public accounting for 10 years.  He graduated from Appalachian State University with an undergraduate degree in Business Administration focused in Accounting, continued my education at Appalachian State University to earn my Master’s Degree in Accounting.   He has worked in Public Accounting in a multitude of roles as a tax accountant, auditor, and consultant before pursuing his goal of working for himself.  His career has allowed him the opportunity to work on and continue providing the following tax related services:


Individual tax returns

Business tax returns (S Corporations/Partnerships/Corporations)

Trust returns/estate tax returns

Bookkeeping services


 He has been fortunate enough in his career to be placed in multiple roles that allow him to service clients on a wide array of services leading to attest and tax experience.  He has performed prepared financial statements, compilations, reviews, and audits of various industries to assist companies in meeting their reporting requirements.  Below are some of the industries that he has provided services for in both tax and attest services:









Over the past several years, Joe has been assisting finance departments in getting ready for their audits.  Working closely with management of the organization and their auditor to ensure that clients are prepared and improve the audit experience while also looking for improvements to the organization's operations.  This has been mostly focused on the governmental audit area, due to experience as a governmental auditor and understanding of fund accounting.  With independence rules tightening with GASB audits, Haney CPA is available to help bridge the gap between entities every day management and audit preparation.  As a part of the preparation the firm is able to help train and prepare staff, discuss areas of weakness before they become an issue, and allow for a smoother audit for both auditee and auditor.